• Esperando

    It happens quite often that we try to control time; we want it to go along with our will, with our plans, and with our ideals. Nevertheless it is time the one that marks the rhythm of our lives with its undeniable power. Moments come and go whether we are prepared to grab them or not. That's why sometimes we feel like we are not coordinated with time nor with the people surrounding us. We feel as if we weren't even living in the same place, or as if we were living different situations that prevent us from communicating,  even though we live the same reality and speak the same language. This lack of harmony takes the shape of an eternal waiting of that beloved coincidence of moments while time keeps on flowing.                                      Luca Nicolini © All rights reserved P. I. 02359710221
  • Witnesses

    "Seeing is believing", so the old saying announces, and it shows just how much prone we are to believing only in things we see. We might see them with our own eyes, or with someone else’s, but what matters, what authenticates an event, is that there is someone who has seen. In this way, proofs, witnesses and our own sight upon things guarantee us and assure us of the happening of an event. However, a photographic image can be the result of a production, a fake reality. At this point, can we still consider photography as a proof? And what about those events of which we possess no photographs, no "proofs"? Do they not occur? Aren't they real? Most definitely, photography gives room for speculation and confusion because it makes believable anything that is framed and photographed, and unbelievable anything that it isn’t.                                                                                                                                               Luca Nicolini © All rights reserved P. I. 02359710221
  • Transition

    "Transition" is a project that wants to examine a well-known contemporary issue, which is represented by the young people and the uncertain future that they're about to deal with. The strong economic and social changing that occurred lately, the spreading moral decay, and the high rate of unemployment caused in many young people, beside mistrust in the surrounding environment, instability and uncertainty.                                                                                      Luca Nicolini © All rights reserved P. I. 02359710221
  • Final Day of Light

    "Final day of light" is a project concerned about two elementary concepts: time and light, ideas inherent to the medium of  photography. The project wants to evoke specific emotions and feelings in the viewer: the undefined silhouettes of people gazing through a window from a shadowy interior towards a luminous exterior seek to arouse the thought that if there was no light left, nothing - not even people - would be visible. In other words, if light vanished, we would disappear too; which is exactly what happens as time goes by, time, precisely the other concept of this project. In this sense, both time and light are entwined in the photographic images as they are entwined in our existence. "Final day of light" represents a way to think about the brevity of life, about how objects remain while people inevitably fade away. In this way, photography finds its reason for being by translating thoughts into images.                                                                                                                                        Luca Nicolini © All rights reserved P. I. 02359710221